Acidic sprayers

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Specially designed sprayer range to handle products that are acidic, FPM viton seals stainless steel wands and nozzle inserts, PVC hose, Polyethylene containers and polypropylene pumps are used to ensure long service life. This is the premium product on the Australian market. Used for professional cleaning and disinfection.

McProper Plus P

  • Tank 0.5 litres, impact resistant, transparent white
  • Measurement scale 100 ml
  • Special suction system permits to spray in any position – 360°
  • Piston pressure up to 15 bar

Clean-Matic 1.25 P

  • Safety valve and lockable push-button
  • Ergonomic and efficient hand pump
  • Fanjet nozzle made of plastic with stainless steel insert

Foam-Matic 1.25 P

  • Powerful hand pump with ergonomic handle and spray button
  • Special foam nozzle for production of dry foam. Excellent hang time (contact)
  • Safety valve, lockable push-button and large filling opening

Rondo-Matic 5 P

  • 3 bar operating pressure and 2 litres pressure space
  • Safety valve
  • Ergonomic and powerful pump with stainless steel pump rod and sleeve guidance
  • Compressed air connection valve

Foam-Matic 5 P

  • Special short foam gun for production of dry foam. Excellent hang time (contact)
  • High quality and high performance hand pump with two hand grip
  • Pump with stainless steel rod and sleeve guidance
  • Compressed air connection valve
  • Safety valve
Chemical balance
AcidP Version
Nitric Acid***
Hydrochloric Acid***
Phosphoric Acid***
Sulphuric Acid***
Sodium Hydrochlorite (Javel)***
Calcium Hydroxide***
Product specifications
ModelMcProper Plus PClean-Matic 1.25 PFoam-Matic 1.25 PRondo-Matic 5 PFoam-Matic 5 P
SealsFPM VitonFPM VitonFPM VitonFPM Viton
NozzlePlasticSS InsertSS InsertSS InsertSS Insert