Automotive sprayers

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Black Birchmeier range for mineral oil based solvents and releasing agents. For mineral oil based products, form oil, lubricants and degreasing agents. Specially suitable also for car and truck cleaning (Disc and drum brakes), engine and metal cleaning. Used in: automotive, engineering and metal coating industries, for cleaning chassis, sealing engines, maintenance of tools, protection against corrosion, treatment of surfaces.

Super McProper Plus

  • 360° trigger sprayer specially resistant to mineral oil based solvents and multifunctional oils (eg. WD-40, CRC etc)
  • Tank 0.5 litres, impact resistant, transparent white
  • Measurement scale 100 ml
  • Special suction system permits to spray in any position – 360°
  • Piston pressure up to 15 bar

Spray Matic 1.25 N

  • High quality hand compression sprayer with brass nozzle specially resistant to mineral oil based solvents & multifunctional oils (eg. WD-40, CRC etc)
  • Polyamide sprayer head to resist chemical attack
  • Chemical resistant FPM Viton gaskets
  • Safety valve for expansion relief
  • Open handle allowing easy use with glove
  • Adjustable and inclinable brass nozzle

Super Maxi 1.0

  • Most resistant sprayer for brake cleaners and aggressive solvents on the Australian market. Resistant against raw Petrol (Petroleum, Toloul, Xylol, etc.), Ketone (Acetone, etc), Alcohol (Methanol, Propanol, etc.), and its mixtures (Eg Brake Cleaner). More resistant than Viton and EPDM sealing
  • Specially solvent resistant gasket (BMS 2010)
  • Special adjustable nozzle ø 0.8 mm
  • Powerful nickel plated brass piston pump giving up to 12 bar pressure
  • Robust tank 1.0 litre, transparent with filling level indicator and easy grip
Product specifications
ModelSuper McProper PlusSpray Matic 1.25 NSuper Maxi 1.0
Pressure15 bar2 bar12 bar
SealsFPM VitonBMS 2010
Head materialPlasticPolyamidePolyamide
NozzlePlasticBrassNickel plated brass